Our Profile

Our partners build international teams, travel around the world, study new technologies, and acquire unique experience in developing their own business.
High awards for achievements, regular meetings in different cities around the world, a constant flow of new knowledge and rapid growth — our partners gain all this and more when they work with us! Your age, experience, level of education and wealth don’t matter — we give everyone a chance to build a better future!


We are offering a product that will continuously be expanded & upgraded based on the input we receive from our users and our own extensive market analysis is the blockchain-based decentralised platform that aims to build a global digital content entertainment system with distributed Blockchain Technology, and allows easy and Cost-effective or almost zero cost sharing of digital content. This creates a secure lending environment where the lender receives a high yield interest rate annually paid of staking.


The vision is to give a new edge to the industry by giving connectivity and access to buyers directly to the seller / services provider – enabling decentralised ecosystem. Increase the adoption of crypto assets around the world by providing real, utility-based use-cases and help bring the blockchain eco-system into the mainstream.” Blockchain is driving decentralisation of various business and platforms including crypto around the  world. It is removing the need to trust middle-men within various processes in our society.

The above thoughts inspire BoomCoin’s(BPTM) vision. BoomCoin(BPTM) has embarked on an ambitious journey to build an eco-system driven by blockchain technology, and crypto use- cases that are built to address the issues and gaps in the trading exchanges, eCommerce, Games & Entertainments and retail industry. We are collaborating with Amazon, eBay & Walmart big e-commerce platform asap by a European aggregator.

Community Driven

Community Driven and fair launch. The development team locked all their tokens and participated with everyone else.

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of BPTM Token grow indefinitely.


We make complex crypto technologies accessible for mass use, enabling hundreds of thousands of our users to rapidly increase their income.