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Power up your earnings, stake for rewards, shop smart, and earn cashback!


We have got real traction.

We got into the space way back in 2020 and did a crowdsale in 2022. We raised over $50K dollars, signed over 10K users and we are still going strong! Here are a few things we got right :




Crypto rewards



So what is the big deal?

We boast an impressive monthly user base of 5,000 active users, surpassing many other DAPPs in the market. Our dedicated team has tirelessly worked for over 3 years to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and propel it towards critical mass. With Boomcoin (BPTM), we have created the simplest and most secure gateway for newcomers to enter the world of crypto. By engaging in your regular online purchases or playing games, you can now start earning effortlessly.

Our innovative button operates seamlessly in the background, offering users crypto rewards ranging from 0.5% to an astounding 85%, depending on the store and their membership level. This unique token model not only encourages members to purchase BPTM tokens but also incentivizes them to actively utilize them.

Exploding Online Sales

Experience unprecedented growth and success in your e-commerce endeavors!

Exploding Online Sales

Experience unprecedented growth and success in your e-commerce endeavors!

Exploding Online Sales

Experience unprecedented growth and success in your e-commerce endeavors!

Exploding Online Sales

Experience unprecedented growth and success in your e-commerce endeavors!

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Stats on BPTM .

Total Supply

3.3 Billion

Token Holders


Current Price

$ 2.95

Crowdsale Price

$ 0.50

Current Market Cap

$ 78,271,338

Token Type

BEP - 20


Purchase BPTM tokens to get started.

Here is where to store your BPTM tokens for maximum rewards :

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Your Gateway to Play, Earn, & Thrive in the Crypto World!

Boomcoin (BPTM) is our native BEP20 token, meticulously developed by the esteemed Boomerang group. As a play-to-earn NFT game token, BPTM offers a multitude of exciting opportunities for users to generate income. Engage in captivating NFT web3 games and unlock the potential to earn real money.

In addition, by holding BPTM tokens within our DAPP, users can enjoy a daily 1% Share of Income (SOI). Furthermore, our partnership with leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon enables users to purchase products and receive attractive cashback rewards. Moreover, BPTM holders can unlock exclusive discounts on GrowKart, our partner’s site, using their BPTM tokens.

What's our story ?

Our journey began in the midst of 2020 when we embarked on a mission to revolutionise the crypto landscape.

Through hard work and determination, we made significant progress, and by Q4 of 2022, we successfully raised an impressive $50,000 in our crowd-sale…

Here’s how we split up the token distribution .

How does BPTM make money ?

Boomcoin makes money when users earn it. Pretty awesome, right? How does that work? Boomcoin receives discounts from brands all over the world and passes on those savings to users when they make a purchase. Users receive the discounts in crypto and BPTM gets a small transaction fee. It is a great model because we grow along with our users !

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Discover over 200+ magical artifacts, hunt deadly beasts
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Boomcoin (BPTM) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers users multiple avenues to earn and enjoy its benefits. With BPTM, users have the opportunity to stake their coins and earn crypto rewards. By participating in the staking program, users contribute to the security and stability of the Boomcoin network while being rewarded with additional BPTM tokens.

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